TouchDraw 2.1.2

TouchDraw 2.1.2

LangLanguage SwiftSwift
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Jun 2018
SPMSupports SPM

Maintained by Christian Paul Dehli.

TouchDraw 2.1.2


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The TouchDraw module allows you to use the TouchDrawView class. This is a subclass of UIView which allows you to draw pictures with your finger.


The easiest way to include TouchDraw is by using CocoaPods and adding the following to your Podfile.

pod 'TouchDraw', '~> 2.1'

If you're not using CocoaPods, you can add the TouchDrawView.swift file to your project.


You can either programmatically add the TouchDrawView or add it using storyboards.


If using storyboards, you must add a UIView to your storyboard. Give it the TouchDrawView class, and TouchDraw module.

Storyboard class


If programmatically adding the view, you can use the init(frame: CGRect) method to create a new instance of TouchDrawView. You must make sure to write import TouchDraw at the top of the class.


When customizing the TouchDrawView you can setting its delegate. The container can conform to parts of TouchDrawViewDelegate, which has the following functions:

func undoEnabled() {
    // triggered when undo is enabled
    // (only if it was previously disabled)
func undoDisabled() {
    // triggered when undo is disabled
    // (only if it previously enabled)
func redoEnabled() {
    // triggered when redo is enabled
    // (only if it was previously disabled)
func redoDisabled() {
    // triggered when redo is disabled
    // (only if it previously enabled)
func clearEnabled() {
    // triggered when clear is enabled
    // (only if it was previously disabled)
func clearDisabled() {
    // triggered when clear is disabled
    // (only if it previously enabled)

The TouchDrawView exposes the following methods:

  • exportDrawing() -> UIImage
    • Exports a UIImage version of the drawing.
  • clearDrawing()
    • Clears the TouchDrawView.
  • undo()
    • Undo the last stroke.
  • redo()
    • Redo what was undone.
  • setColor(color: UIColor?)
    • Sets the color of future strokes, if you pass nil you will be erasing.
  • setWidth(width: CGFloat)
    • Sets the width of future strokes.
  • importStack(stack: [Stroke])
    • Set the TouchDrawView to have certain strokes (usually will be used in conjunction with exportStack().
  • exportStack() -> [Stroke]
    • Exports the strokes from a TouchDrawView so they can be imported later.


If you'd like to see this library in action, you can download the entire repository and open Demo/TouchDrawDemo.xcworkspace.

Demo/TouchDrawDemo/ViewController.swift is where most of its functionality is demonstrated.

Demo Screenshot


This package has the MIT license, which can be found here: LICENSE.

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