Tagging 0.5.0

Tagging 0.5.0

Maintained by DongHee Kang.

Tagging 0.5.0

  • By
  • DongHee Kang


Build Status Swift Cocoapods Carthage compatible

TextView that provides easy to use tagging feature for Mention or Hashtag.


Tagging is a UIView that encloses a TextView that contains an algorithm for tagging. If you're worried about implementing Mention or Hashtag in your app, you can easily implement them using the library.


Getting Started

  1. Add Tagging to the view as a subview.

  2. Set the list that you want to tag and tag symbol to Tagging.

tagging.symbol = "#"
  1. Implement TaggingDataSource on the class that added the Tagging.
tagging.dataSource = self
  1. Get tagable list and tagged list through TaggingDataSource.
func tagging(_ tagging: Tagging, didChangedTagableList tagableList: [String]) {
    matchedList = tagableList

func tagging(_ tagging: Tagging, didChangedTaggedList taggedList: [TaggingModel]) {
    self.taggedList = taggedList


Tagging Property

Property Type Description
cornerRadius CGFloat Corner radius
borderWidth CGFloat Border width
borderColor CGColor Border color
textInset UIEdgeInsets Text inset
backgroundColor UIColor Background color
symbol String Tagging symbol
tagableList [String] Tagable list
defaultAttributes [NSAttributedStringKey: Any] Default attributes for all range attributedText of Textview
symbolAttributes [NSAttributedStringKey: Any] Aattributes for symbol text
taggedAttributes [NSAttributedStringKey: Any] Attributes for tagged text


CocoaPods (iOS 8+)

platform :ios, '8.0'

target '<Your Target Name>' do
    pod 'Tagging'

Carthage (iOS 8+)

github "k-lpmg/Tagging"


These works are available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.