TOScrollBar 0.0.5

TOScrollBar 0.0.5

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2017

Maintained by Tim Oliver.

  • By
  • Tim Oliver


TOScrollBar is a UI component that can be inserted into UIScrollView instances, allowing the user to traverse the entire scroll view in one swiping gesture.

It has been designed to appear and behave like a standard system control, and has been optimized to ensure it has minimal impact on scroll performance.


  • Allows for fine-grained scrolling of a UIScrollView's entire content height.
  • Interoperates directly with UIScrollView through the Objective-C runtime and KVO.
  • Animates the same way as the standard scroll indicators (including rubber banding).
  • Exposes 44 points of horizontal touch space, so it is very easy to activate.
  • Tapping at different positions allows for instant traversal along the scroll view.
  • Plays a scrolling animation during slow swiping, making it easier to follow along.
  • Comes with initial style settings for dark themes.
  • Includes Taptic Engine impact effects in a similar style to UISlider, available on iPhone 7.


TOScrollBar has been designed to be added directly to a UIScrollView, not as a view above.

// Create a scroll bar object
TOScrollBar *scrollBar = [[TOScrollBar alloc] init];

// Add the scroll bar to our table view
[self.tableView to_addScrollBar:scrollBar];

//Adjust the table separators so they won't underlap the scroll bar
self.tableView.separatorInset = [self.tableView.to_scrollBar adjustedTableViewSeparatorInsetForInset:self.tableView.separatorInset];

Once added to a scroll view, a scroll bar can be accessed via the to_scrollBar property. Convienience methods are also applied to make it easier to configure the margins


TOScrollBar will work with iOS 7 and above. While written in Objective-C, it should easily import into Swift as well.

Manual Installation

Copy the contents of the TOScrollBar folder to your app project.

Why build this?

I'm building a comic reader app that allows users to group collections of comics into single view controllers.

Unfortunately, some users have reported that certain comic series have a very large number of issues. It doesn't make sense to break these issues out of their collections, but at the same time, traversing the comic has become a gruelling process.

This scroll bar is the first component in a series of upgrades I'm planning in an attempt to make navigation large comic collections more manageable.


TOScrollBar was created by Tim Oliver as a component of iComics.


TOScrollBar is available under the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file for more information