TOAppSettings 0.0.2

TOAppSettings 0.0.2

Maintained by Tim Oliver.

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A Realm-like object wrapper class for NSUserDefaults.

// Define a subclass with a list of properties
class MyAppSettings: AppSettings {
    @objc dynamic var greeting = ""

// Automatically save to `NSUserDefaults`!
let settings = MyAppSettings.default()
settings.greeting = "Hello World!"


NSUserDefaults has been a staple component of iOS development ever since iPhoneOS 2.0. As convenient as the API is for persisting data, it's a rather finicky API to work with. Aside from the methods for reading and writing data being overly verbose, keeping track of the key names can also be tricky.

TOAppSettings is a wrapper class designed to make working with NSUserDefaults significantly easier. It uses similar mechanisms to the Realm iOS database in that it uses the Objective-C runtime to dynamically map its properties directly to the equivalent NSUserDefaults methods.


  • Automatically maps object properties to NSUSerDefaults.
  • Supports all of the data types originally supported by NSUserDefaults.
  • Automatically generates unique key names, so there is no risk of collisions with other persisted data.
  • An identifier string can be used to save multiple, different copies of the same object.
  • Provides support for sharing preferences between apps in the same developer container.
  • Additionally, supports all objects that conform to NSCoding and automatically handles serialising them to and from disk.
  • Instances of TOAppSettings are internally cached, so there is little overhead making subsequent instantiation calls.
  • Thread-safe, just like NSUserDefaults itself is.
  • Written in Objective-C, but has a very Swifty interface too.
  • Unit-tested (With more on the way!)


Manual Installation

Drag TOAppSettings.h and TOAppSettings.m into your Xcode project.


pod 'TOAppSettings'


Please file a PR. :)


TOAppSettings was originally created by Tim Oliver as a component for iComics, a comic reader app for iOS.


TOCropViewController is licensed under the MIT License, please see the LICENSE file.