TKRadarChart 1.4.3

TKRadarChart 1.4.3

LangLanguage SwiftSwift
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Mar 2019
SPMSupports SPM

Maintained by TBXark.

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A customizable radar chart in Swift

Xcode 9.0+ iOS 8.0+ Swift 4.0+ Build Status CocoaPods Carthage compatible License MIT


  • iOS 8.0+
  • Xcode 9.0
  • Swift 4.0



You can use CocoaPods to install TKRadarChart by adding it to your Podfile:

platform :ios, '8.0'
pod 'TKRadarChart'

To get the full benefits import TKRadarChart wherever you import UIKit

import UIKit
import TKRadarChart


Create a Cartfile that lists the framework and run carthage update. Follow the instructions to add $(SRCROOT)/Carthage/Build/iOS/TKRadarChart.framework to an iOS project.

github "tbxark/TKRadarChart"


  1. Download and drop TKRadarChart.swift in your project.
  2. Congratulations!

Usage example


Base Description Demo
Step Background polygon laps(min 1) image image
Row Number of edges of polygon (min 3) image image
Section At the same time show the number of data image image


This structure is used for custom charts

    var radius: CGFloat    
    var minValue: CGFloat
    var maxValue: CGFloat

    var showPoint: Bool
    var showBorder: Bool
    var fillArea: Bool
    var clockwise: Bool
    var autoCenterPoint: Bool


This protocol represents the data model object. as such, it supplies no information about appearance

protocol TKRadarChartDataSource: class {
    func numberOfStepForRadarChart(radarChart: TKRadarChart) -> Int
    func numberOfRowForRadarChart(radarChart: TKRadarChart) -> Int
    func numberOfSectionForRadarChart(radarChart: TKRadarChart) -> Int

    func titleOfRowForRadarChart(radarChart: TKRadarChart, row: Int) -> String
    func valueOfSectionForRadarChart(withRow row: Int, section: Int) -> CGFloat


This represents the display and behaviour of the TKRadarChart.

protocol TKRadarChartDelegate: class {

    func colorOfTitleForRadarChart(radarChart: TKRadarChart) -> UIColor
    func colorOfLineForRadarChart(radarChart: TKRadarChart) -> UIColor
    func colorOfFillStepForRadarChart(radarChart: TKRadarChart, step: Int) -> UIColor

    func colorOfSectionFillForRadarChart(radarChart: TKRadarChart, section: Int) -> UIColor
    func colorOfSectionBorderForRadarChart(radarChart: TKRadarChart, section: Int) -> UIColor


Release History

  • 1.4.3 Upgrade to swift 4.2

  • 1.4.2 Fix bugs that can not change the title font

  • 1.4.1 Fix warnign

  • 1.4.0 Upgrade to swift 4.0

  • 1.3.1 Upgrade framework config

  • 1.3.0 Support swift 3.0

  • 1.0.1 Complete basic functions, add Cocoapod and Carthage support


We would love for you to contribute to TKRadarChart, check the LICENSE file for more info.


TBXark – @tbxark[email protected]

Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.