TCMDebugButtonsView 1.0

TCMDebugButtonsView 1.0

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ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Jiayong Ou.

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TCMDebugButtonView - easily add debug buttons to your iOS app


  • speed up the process of providing a user reachable button for features during development
  • let it hide itself if it isn't needed so it doesn't interfere with screenshots
  • give incentive to add debug facilities to your apps by making adding a rudimentary UI to reach them cheap


  • iOS 5.x or later
  • ARC

Example Usage

To use it you just add TCMDebugButtonsView.h and TCMDebugButtonsView.m to your project.

Add #import TCMDebugButtonsView.h" to either your precompiled header, or in every file you want to use it.

Use either -[UIView TCM_addDebugButtonWithTitle:(NSString *)aTitle block:(void (^)(void)aBlock)]

or -[UIView TCM_addDebugButtonWithTitle:(NSString *)aTitle target:(id)aTarget action:(SEL)anAction]

to add named buttons to a view.

- (void)viewDidLoad
    [super viewDidLoad];
    // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib.

    // the first call to TCM_addDebugButton… creates the debug button view implicitly

    // example one: add debug button to change the background color using blocks
    // remember to only use weak references, to not cause implicit retains with blocks
    __weak __typeof__(self) self_weak = self;
    [self.view TCM_addDebugButtonWithTitle:@"Red Background"  block:^{
        self_weak.view.backgroundColor = [UIColor redColor];

    // example two: add debug button to change the background back to white using target/action
    [self.view TCM_addDebugButtonWithTitle:@"White Background" target:self action:@selector(whiteBackgroundAction)];

    // example three: add debug button do present a view controller
    [self.view TCM_addDebugButtonWithTitle:@"Present View Controller"  block:^{
        [self_weak presentViewController:[[EXPNestedViewController alloc] init] animated:YES completion:NULL];

    // want the debug view to be on the top
    [self.view TCM_addDebugButtonsViewOnEdge:CGRectMinYEdge];

    // add debug button to change dismiss
    // remember to only use weak references, to not cause implicit retains with blocks
    __weak __typeof__(self) self_weak = self;
    [self.view TCM_addDebugButtonWithTitle:@"Dismiss"  block:^{
        [self_weak dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES

How it looks like

Example Debug Button View



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