SwiftSerializer 0.6

SwiftSerializer 0.6

LangLanguage SwiftSwift
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release May 2016
SPMSupports SPM

Maintained by Marcin Krzyżanowski.

Swift Serializer

Apple Swift Strong Type Object Serialization to JSON


import XCTest

class Person:Serializable {
    var Name : String
    var Surname : String
    var BirthTimestamp : NSNumber
    var Animals : Array<Animal>

    init(Name:String, Surname:String, BirthTimestamp:NSNumber) {
        self.Name = Name
        self.Surname = Surname
        self.BirthTimestamp = BirthTimestamp
        self.Animals = Array<Animal>()

class Animal:Serializable {
    var Nickname : String
    var Kind : String
    var Trick : String?

    init(Nickname : String, Kind : String, Trick : String?) {
        self.Nickname = Nickname
        self.Kind = Kind
        self.Trick = Trick

class SerializationTests: XCTestCase {
    func test_serialization_works() {
        var john = Person(Name: "John", Surname: "Doe", BirthTimestamp: 512463600000)

        john.Animals.append(Animal(Nickname: "Fluffy", Kind: "Dog", Trick: "Rollover"))
        john.Animals.append(Animal(Nickname: "Purry", Kind: "Cat", Trick: nil))

        println(john.toJson()) //will give binary data to include in HTTP Body
        println(john.toJsonString()) //will give the exact string in JSON

        var expected = "{\"BirthTimestamp\":512463600000,\"Name\":\"John\",\"Animals\":[{\"Trick\":\"Rollover\",\"Kind\":\"Dog\",\"Nickname\":\"Fluffy\"},{\"Kind\":\"Cat\",\"Nickname\":\"Purry\"}],\"Surname\":\"Doe\"}";

        XCTAssertEqual(john.toJsonString(), expected,"")


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