SwiftOxfordAPI 0.2

SwiftOxfordAPI 0.2

Maintained by Maxim Bilan.

  • By
  • Maxim Bilan


A framework to consume the Oxford Dictionaries API written in Swift.



pod 'SwiftOxfordAPI'


github "maximbilan/SwiftOxfordAPI"

Swift Package Manager:

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/maximbilan/SwiftOxfordAPI", from: "0.1"))


Copy SwiftOxfordAPI.swift to your project.


First of all you have to generate API ID and APP key. And then use the following code:

SwiftOxfordAPI.shared.start(appId: "APP_ID_HERE", appKey: "APP_KEY_HERE")


Right now the framework is supported only two requests: entries and translation. For example:

SwiftOxfordAPI.shared.entries(language: "en", word: "queen", region: "us", filters: "grammaticalFeatures=singular,past;lexicalCategory=noun") { [weak self] (data, error) in
    self?.handleResponse(data, error)
SwiftOxfordAPI.shared.translation(sourceLanguage: "en", word: "queen", targetLanguage: "es") { [weak self] (data, error) in
    self?.handleResponse(data, error)

To do:

Unfortunately, I stopped working on this repository because I don't need it for the moment. It's not difficult to expand the methods, just follow the implemented code. There is a list below of services which were already implemented. So, If you need more, please create a pull request with implemented services, I'll accept it.

  • Entries
  • Translation
  • Sentences
  • Lemmatron
  • Thesaurus
  • LexiStats
  • Search
  • Wordlist
  • Utility


SwiftOxfordAPI is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.