SwiftLocalNotification 1.0.3

SwiftLocalNotification 1.0.3

Maintained by [SalarSoleimani].


Easy to use, Easy to push local notification in swift.

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SwiftLocalNotification is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'SwiftLocalNotification'


Usage example

// set the delegate to get the UNUserNotificationCenter delegates
let scheduler = SwiftLocalNotification(delegate: self) 

// you can set the identifier to empty and it will generate a random UUID 
let sampleNotification = SwiftLocalNotificationModel(title: "sampleTitle", body: "sampleBody", subtitle: nil, date: Date().next(seconds: 5), repeating: .none, identifier: "", soundName: nil, badge: 5)

// you can add the action button for your notification by easy 3 steps, but always remember do it before scheduling notification
let snoozeAction = UNNotificationAction(identifier: "snoozeAction", title: "Snooze in 2 minutes", options: [.authenticationRequired, .foreground])
let category = SwiftLocalNotificationCategory(categoryIdentifier: "snooze", actions: [snoozeAction])
category.set(forNotifications: sampleNotification)

// finally schedule the notification

To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.


Get the permission status of notification privacy and request for permission for push the notification.

var permissionStatus: PermissionStatus { get }
func requestPermission(completion: @escaping (PermissionStatus) -> Void)

Get all and specific scheduled or delivered notifications. get the quantity of scheduled notifications.

func getAllScheduledNotifications() -> [SwiftLocalNotificationModel]
func getAllDeliveredNotifications() -> [SwiftLocalNotificationModel]
func getScheduled(notificationId id: String) -> SwiftLocalNotificationModel?
func getDelivered(notificationId id: String) -> SwiftLocalNotificationModel?
func getScheduledNotificationsCount() -> Int

Schedule notification

func schedule(notification notif: SwiftLocalNotificationModel) -> String?

Edit the existing notification

func reSchedule(notification notif: SwiftLocalNotificationModel) -> String?

Schedule one daily notification from a specific time for example "08:00" to a specific time and determine to how many times user get the notification

func scheduleDaily(notifications notif: SwiftLocalNotificationModel, fromTime: Date, toTime: Date, howMany: Int) -> [String]?

Schedule set of notifications between two specific dates

func scheduleDaily(notifications notifs: [SwiftLocalNotificationModel], fromTime: Date, toTime: Date) -> [String]?

Schedule a notification between two specific dates by adding interval after from date

func schedule(notification notif: SwiftLocalNotificationModel, fromDate: Date, toDate: Date, interval: TimeInterval) -> String?

Simple push notification

func push(notification notif: SwiftLocalNotificationModel, secondsLater seconds: TimeInterval) -> String?)

Set the badge of application

func setApplicationBadge(_ option: BadgeOption, value: Int)

Cancel notifications

func cancelAllNotifications()
func cancel(notificationIds: String...)


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SwiftLocalNotification is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.