SimplePDF 3.0.0

SimplePDF 3.0.0

LangLanguage SwiftSwift
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Sep 2017
SwiftSwift Version 4.0
SPMSupports SPM

Maintained by Nutchaphon Rewik.

SimplePDF 3.0.0

SimplePDF is a wrapper of UIGraphics PDF context written in Swift.

You can:

  • add texts, images, spaces and lines, table
  • set up page layout, adjust content alignment
  • generate PDF data/file.

In summary, you can create a simple PDF effortlessly. 😄


let A4paperSize = CGSize(width: 595, height: 842)
let pdf = SimplePDF(pageSize: A4paperSize)

pdf.addText("Hello World!")
// or
// pdf.addText("Hello World!", font: myFont, textColor: myTextColor)

pdf.addImage( anImage )

let dataArray = [["Test1", "Test2"],["Test3", "Test4"]]
pdf.addTable(rowCount: 2, columnCount: 2, rowHeight: 20.0, columnWidth: 30.0, tableLineWidth: 1.0, font: UIFont.systemFontOfSize(5.0), dataArray: dataArray)

let pdfData = pdf.generatePDFdata()

// save as a local file
try? pdfData.writeToFile(path, options: .DataWritingAtomic)

See the result example.pdf, which is generated from ExampleCode.swift.


via Cocoapods

pod 'SimplePDF'


import SimplePDF

Page Setup

page setup

let A4paperSize = CGSize(width: 595, height: 842)
let pdf = SimplePDF(pageSize: A4paperSize, pageMargin: 20.0)
// or define all margins extra
let pdf = SimplePDF(pageSize: A4paperSize, pageMarginLeft: 35, pageMarginTop: 50, pageMarginBottom: 40, pageMarginRight: 35)

Write Something

pdf.addText( "some text" )
pdf.addImage( UIImage )
pdf.addAttributedText( NSAttributedString )
pdf.addLineSeparator(height: 30) // or pdf.addLineSeparator() default height is 1.0


You can layout horizontally and vertically

// Start a horizonal arrangement
// Add space from the left

// now add your text, table, image, ...

// finishe the horizontal arrangement so you can continue vertically

// adds a vertical space

Table Definitions

Define the layout of tables with definitions

let tableDef = TableDefinition(alignments: [.left, .left],
                               columnWidths: [100, 300],
                               fonts: [UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 20),
                                       UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 16)],
                               textColors: [,
let data = [] // my data
             columnCount: 2, 
             rowHeight: 25, 
             tableLineWidth: 0, // this is taken from the definition
             tableDefinition: tableDef, 
             dataArray: data)


pdf.beginNewPage() // Begin a new page

These following commands will affect everything you write after you call.

pdf.setContentAlignment(.Center) // .Left, .Center, .Right

Generate PDF data

let pdfData = pdf.generatePDFdata()

// write to file
try? pdfData.writeToFile(path, options: .DataWritingAtomic)

// or upload to Internet
// For example, Alamofire.upload(...)


SimplePDF is available under the MIT License.


Nutchaphon Rewik