SendMan 1.0.7

SendMan 1.0.7

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SendMan 1.0.7

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SendMan is a push notification management service for mobile apps. This SDK allows integrating your native iOS apps with SendMan.


SendMan is available through CocoaPods or Carthage.


In order to install it through CocoaPods, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'SendMan', '~> 1.0.0'


In order to install it through Carthage, add the following line to your Cartfile, and install it as you would any other Carthage dependency:

github "sendmanio/sendman-ios-sdk" ~> 1.0.0



  • SendMan supports iOS >= 10.0 as the deployment target.
  • Your app must be configured with the following capabilities:
    • Push Notifications
    • Background Modes: Remote Notifications


  1. Initializing the SDK (Get your app key and secret from the API keys screen)

    // Step 1: App-level identification: Initialize our SDK.
    SendMan.setAppConfig(SMConfig(key: YOUR_APP_KEY, andSecret: YOUR_APP_SECRET)!)
    // Step 2: User-level identification: Identify your users with the unique ID your application uses to identify users.

    If your users do not have unique IDs, use this syntax for us to automatically handle those users for you:

    SendMan.setAppConfig(SMConfig(key: YOUR_APP_KEY, andSecret: YOUR_APP_SECRET, autoGenerateUsers: true)!)
  2. Registering for push notifications with iOS


For a detailed integration guide (including integrating using Objective-C, tracking user interaction with notifications and storing custom user properties), head to our docs.


SendMan, [email protected]


SendMan is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.