ScrollCounter 0.0.2

ScrollCounter 0.0.2

Maintained by Shant Tokatyan.


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ScrollCounter is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'ScrollCounter'


ScrollCounter is a framework for getting a nice scrolling animation when transitioning between numbers. This framework is modeled after the animations seen in the Robinhood app.

Checkout this Medium article for a high-level look on how ScrollCounter works.

Single Digits

A scroll counter with a single digit can be created and animated in 2 lines:
// Initialize a scrolling counter for the standard range between 0-9 (other ranges can be used as well).
let singleDigit = DigitScrollCounter(font: UIFont(name: "Avenir-Black", size: 150)!, textColor: .white, backgroundColor: .black, scrollDuration: 0.3, gradientColor: .black, gradientStop: 0.2)

// Scrolls to the item at the 8th index.  For a DigitScrollCounter, this means scroll to the number 8.
singleDigit.scrollToItem(atIndex: 8)

Unbounded Numbers

Use a `NumberScrollCounter` to handle an unbounded range of numbers:
// Initialize a number counter, which is a view composed of `DigitScrollCounter`s.
let numberCounter = NumberScrollCounter(value: 1, scrollDuration: 0.33, decimalPlaces: 2, prefix: "$", suffix: "", font: font.withSize(40), textColor: .white, gradientColor: .black, gradientStop: 0.2)

// Set a new value.  This will trigger the animation to show the given value.