STableViewController 0.0.2

STableViewController 0.0.2

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release May 2015

Maintained by Jayson Basañes, Jayson Basañes.

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DEPRECATED: This library is no longer maintained. It has been replaced with the newer SKStatefulTableViewController.


STableViewController is a custom table view controller that supports pull-to-refresh and load-more. It was designed to have views and behaviors that can be easily customized.

See the demo project in Demo/Demo.xcodeproj.


To start, simply copy STableViewController.h and STableViewController.m into your project file.

STableViewController is not very useful on its own. It has to be subclassed to apply your custom views and adjust any behavior. To get started quickly, you may include these files for reference:

  • DemoTableViewController - subclass of STableViewController. This declares what views to use for pull-to-refresh and load-more. Also includes samples on what methods to override for data loading and a sample customization to interact with the header and footer views depending on the situation.
  • DemoTableHeaderView - the view used for pull-to-refresh
  • DemoTableFooterView - the view used for load-more

You may also opt to implement your own subclass for STableViewController and use your own views for pull-to-refresh and load-more.

See STableViewController.h for more information on the methods available.