SOMotionDetector 1.0.2

SOMotionDetector 1.0.2

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Mar 2016

Maintained by [arturdev].

  • By
  • Artur Mkrtchyan

Simple library to detect motion for iOS by arturdev .

Based on location updates and acceleration.


iOS > 6.0

Compatible with iOS 7

Works on all iOS devices (i.e. not need M7 chip)

This demo project also demonstrates how to use this library to relaunch the app from killed state.


Copy SOMotionDetector folder to your project.

Link CoreMotion.framework, CoreLocation.framework.

Import "SOMotionDetector.h" file and set SOMotionDetector's callbacks

#import "SOMotionDetector.h


[SOMotionDetector sharedInstance].motionTypeChangedBlock = ^(SOMotionType motionType) {

[SOMotionDetector sharedInstance].locationChangedBlock = ^(CLLocation *location) {

[SOMotionDetector sharedInstance].accelerationChangedBlock = ^(CMAcceleration acceleration) {


To Support iOS > 8.0 you must add in your info.plist file one of the following keys:

To enable background location updates in iOS > 9.0 you must set allowsBackgroundLocationUpdates to YES

    [SOLocationManager sharedInstance].allowsBackgroundLocationUpdates = YES;

You are done!

Now to start motion detection just call

[[SOMotionDetector sharedInstance] startDetection];

To stop detection call

[[SOMotionDetector sharedInstance] stopDetection];

To start step counter call

    [[SOStepDetector sharedInstance] startDetectionWithUpdateBlock:^(NSError *error) {

Detecting motion types

typedef enum
  MotionTypeNotMoving = 1,
} SOMotionType;


 * Set this parameter to YES if you want to use M7 chip to detect more exact motion type. By default is No.
 * Set this parameter before calling startDetection method.
 * Available only on devices that have M7 chip. At this time only the iPhone 5S, the iPad Air and iPad mini with retina display have the M7 coprocessor.
@property (nonatomic) BOOL useM7IfAvailable;

 *@param speed  The minimum speed value less than which will be considered as not moving state
- (void)setMinimumSpeed:(CGFloat)speed;

 *@param speed  The maximum speed value more than which will be considered as running state
- (void)setMaximumWalkingSpeed:(CGFloat)speed;

 *@param speed  The maximum speed value more than which will be considered as automotive state
- (void)setMaximumRunningSpeed:(CGFloat)speed;

 *@param acceleration  The minimum acceleration value less than which will be considered as non shaking state
- (void)setMinimumRunningAcceleration:(CGFloat)acceleration;


pod "SOMotionDetector"


SOMotionDetector is under MIT License (see LICENSE file)