SENetworking 1.0.8

SENetworking 1.0.8

Maintained by Oleh Kudinov.

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  • Oleh Kudinov


CocoaPods Carthage compatible Swift Package Manager compatible Swift 5 Platform License CI

Super Easy Networking is simple and convenient wrapper around NSURLSession that supports common needs. A framework that is small enough to read in one go but useful enough to include in any project. It is fully tested framework for iOS, tvOS, watchOS and OS X.

  • Super Minimal and Light implementation
  • Easy network configuration
  • Works with Decodable for responses and Encodable for Requests
  • Friendly API which makes declarations of Endpoints super easy
  • Easy use of Data Trasfer Objects and Mappings
  • No Singletons
  • No external dependencies
  • Simple request cancellation
  • Optimized for unit testing
  • Fully tested
  • Ideal for code challenges


Endpoint definitions:

struct APIEndpoints {
    static func getMovies(with moviesRequestDTO: MoviesRequest) -> Endpoint<MoviesResponse> {
        return Endpoint(path: "search/movie/",
                        method: .get,
                        headerParamaters: ["Content-Type": "application/json"], // Optional
                        queryParametersEncodable: moviesRequestDTO)

API Data (Data Transfer Objects):

struct MoviesRequest: Encodable {
    let query: String
    let page: Int

struct MoviesResponse: Decodable {
    struct Movie: Decodable {
        private enum CodingKeys: String, CodingKey {
            case title
            case overview
            case posterPath = "poster_path"
        let title: String
        let overview: String
        let posterPath: String

    private enum CodingKeys: String, CodingKey {
        case movies = "results"
    let movies: [Movie]

API Networking Configuration:

struct AppConfiguration {
    var apiKey: String = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
    var apiBaseURL: String = ""

class DIContainer {
    static let shared = DIContainer()

    lazy var appConfiguration = AppConfiguration()

    lazy var apiDataTransferService: DataTransferService = {
        let config = ApiDataNetworkConfig(baseURL: URL(string: appConfiguration.apiBaseURL)!,
                                          queryParameters: ["api_key": appConfiguration.apiKey,
                                                            "language": NSLocale.preferredLanguages.first ?? "en"])

        let apiDataNetwork = DefaultNetworkService(config: config)
        return DefaultDataTransferService(with: apiDataNetwork)

Making API call:

let endpoint = APIEndpoints.getMovies(with: MoviesRequest(query: "Batman Begins", page: 1))
dataTransferService.request(with: endpoint) { result in

    guard case let .success(response) = result, let movies = response.movies else { return }


CocoaPods: To install it with CocoaPods, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'SENetworking'

Then pod install and import SFNetworking in files where needed

Carthage: To install it with Carthage, simply add the following line to your Cartfile:

github "kudoleh/SENetworking"

Then carthage update and import SFNetworking_iOS in files where needed (e.g. for iOS platform)

Swift Package Manager: To install it with Package Manager:

Xcode tab: File -> Swift Packages -> Add Package Dependency 
Enter package repository URL:

And then import SFNetworking in files where needed

Manual installation: To manually install it:

Copy folder SENetworking into your project


Oleh Kudinov, [email protected]


MIL License, Open Source License