SARUnArchiveANY 0.0.2

SARUnArchiveANY 0.0.2

LangLanguage CC
License Custom
ReleasedLast Release Feb 2018

Maintained by Saravanan.

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  • Saravanan
A very useful library for Unarchiving the .zip, .rar, .7z files for iOS.
Simply An Integration of the following libraries :
Unrar4iOS :
SSZipArchive :
LZMA SDK (7z) :

Advantages :

    * Integration of the most popular archiving libraries, no need for integrating each library separately.
    * Completely Block-based syntax. No Delegation pattern, hence avoiding a lot of clunky codes.

* Example project illustrates on how to display your app in "Open in" action sheet list, when tapped on any of the archive file of the supported format (zip, rar, 7z) in any apps installed on the device/simulator.
* Example illustrates on how to make the app support for iTunes File Sharing.

Dis-Advantages :

    * Have tested this only with smaller files. Might not suit well for files with larger 
      sizes ( May be files > 500MB's ).
    * No support for passcode protected archive files.

Instructions :

(i) Copy/Include the "External" folder into your project.
(ii) Copy/Include  "Unrar4iOS.framework" & "libz.dylib" into your project.
(iii) Finally, Copy "SARUnArchiveANY.h" & "SARUnArchiveANY.m" into your project.
That's it. your done.

Usage :

SARUnArchiveANY *unarchive = [[SARUnArchiveANY alloc]initWithPath:filePath];
unarchive.destinationPath = destPath;//(Optional). If it is not given, then the file is unarchived in the same location of its archive file.
unarchive.completionBlock = ^(NSArray *filePaths){
  NSLog(@"For Archive : %@",filePath);
    for (NSString *filename in filePaths) {
        NSLog(@"File: %@", filename);
unarchive.failureBlock = ^(){
[unarchive decompress];