RxMoyaAuthenticatable 0.2.0

RxMoyaAuthenticatable 0.2.0

Maintained by Keita Oouchi.

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Carthage compatible Version License Platform

Make your API token refreshable with RxMoyaAuthenticatable!

RxMoyaAuthenticatable provides standard requestClosure which refresh accessToken automatically on your needs!

This requestClosure intercept your requests, execute followings:

  • suspend all requests in a serial dispatch queue,
  • find persisted authentication,
  • refresh found authentication if needed,
  • resume other requests in a serial queue.

How to use

Adapt RefreshableAuthentication protocol to your Authentication entity:

public protocol RefreshableAuthentication {
  var isRefreshNeeded: Bool { get }
  var accessToken: String { get }
  func refresh() -> Single<Self>

  static func find() -> Self?

For example:

import RxSwift
import Moya
import RxMoyaAuthenticatable

struct SpotifyAuthentication: RefreshableAuthentication, Decodable {

  let accessToken: String
  var refreshToken: String!
  var createdAt: Date = Date()
  let expiresIn: Int

  var isRefreshNeeded: Bool {
    let threshold = TimeInterval(self.expiresIn / 2)
    let result = self.expiresAt < Date().addingTimeInterval(threshold)
    return result

  static func find() -> SpotifyAuthentication? {
    return SpotifyAuthenticationStore.find()

  func refresh() -> Single<SpotifyAuthentication> {
    let refreshToken = self.refreshToken
        .request(.refreshToken(refreshToken: self.refreshToken))
        .map { response -> SpotifyAuthentication in
          if var authentication = try? JSONDecoder().decode(SpotifyAuthentication.self, from: response.data) {
            authentication.refreshToken = refreshToken
            return authentication
          } else {
            throw SpotifyAPIError.mappingError
          onSuccess: { authentication in
            SpotifyAuthenticationStore.save(authentication: authentication)
          onError: { error in

extension SpotifyAuthentication {

  enum CodingKeys: String, CodingKey {
    case accessToken = "access_token"
    case refreshToken = "refresh_token"
    case expiresIn = "expires_in"

  var expiresAt: Date {
    return createdAt.addingTimeInterval(TimeInterval(expiresIn))

(See example implementation using Spotify's API here)

Using this and your API, accessToken will automatically refresh when isRefreshNeeded returns True:

let provider = MoyaProvider<SpotifyAPI>(
  requestClosure: RxMoyaAuthenticatable<SpotifyAPI, SpotifyAuthentication>().requestClosure


To run the example project, clone the repo, and see Example/Readme.md. In this example, we implemented Spotify's Authorization Code Flow.


Target Version
iOS => 11.0
Swift => 4.0
Moya/RxSwift => 11.0


RxMoyaAuthenticatable is available through CocoaPods or Carthage.


pod 'RxMoyaAuthenticatable'


github "Moya/Moya"
github "keitaoouchi/RxMoyaAuthenticatable"


keitaoouchi, [email protected]


RxMoyaAuthenticatable is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.