RudderSDKCore 0.1.8

RudderSDKCore 0.1.8

Maintained by RudderStack.

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What is Rudder?

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Short answer: Rudder is an open-source Segment alternative written in Go, built for the enterprise. .

Long answer: Rudder is a platform for collecting, storing and routing customer event data to dozens of tools. Rudder is open-source, can run in your cloud environment (AWS, GCP, Azure or even your data-centre) and provides a powerful transformation framework to process your event data on the fly.

Released under Apache License 2.0


RudderSDKCore is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'RudderSDKCore', '~> 0.1.6'

Remember to include the following code in all .m and .h files where you want to refer to or use Rudder SDK classes

#import "RudderSDKCore.h"

Initialize Client

Now initialize RudderClient Put this code in your AppDelegate.m file under the method didFinishLaunchingWithOptions

RudderConfigBuilder *builder = [[RudderConfigBuilder alloc] init];
[builder withEndPointUrl:YOUR_DATA_PLANE_URL];
[RudderClient getInstance:YOUR_WRITE_KEY config:[builder build]];

A shared instance of RudderClient is accesible after the initialization by [RudderClient sharedInstance]

Sending Events

Track events by creating a RudderMessage using RudderMessageBuilder

// create properties for the event you want to track
NSMutableDictionary *property = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init];
[property setValue:@"test_value_1" forKey:@"test_key_1"];
[property setValue:@"test_value_2" forKey:@"test_key_2"];

// create builder
RudderMessageBuilder *builder = [[RudderMessageBuilder alloc] init];
[builder setEventName:@"test_event_name"];
[builder setPropertyDict:property];
[builder setUserId:userId];

// track event
[[RudderClient sharedInstance] trackMessage:[builder build]];

OR Send events in Segment compatible way

[[RudderClient sharedInstance] track:@"test_event_only_name"];

[[RudderClient sharedInstance] track:@"test_event_name_prop" properties:property]; // same property dict from above is referred again

For more detailed documentation check here

Coming Soon

  1. Native platform SDK integration support
  2. More documentation
  3. More destination support