Reversi 1.1.0

Reversi 1.1.0

Maintained by Benoit Pasquier.

Reversi 1.1.0

Reversi ⚫️⚪️

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Reversi ⚫️⚪️ is an A/B testing framework written in Swift.

Read more about the motivation on my blog.


Why Reversi?

  • Feature flags and A/B testing tools are designed for Product Marketers and Managers and forgot to be developer friendly. Adding A/B testing or feature flag should be as easy as setting up any properties.
  • Choose your service, keep your data. Reversi doesn't handle data, it should be designed to work with bundled file as well as remote services. You'll only inject your configuration at launch, Reversi will handle when to run UI variations.


Apptimize before Reversi

if (Apptimize.isFeatureFlagOn("new_feature_flag_variable")) {
   // ON
} else {
   // OFF

Apptimize with Reversi

myObject.addFeatureFlag("new_feature_flag_variable") { object in

Read more about how to implement Reversi for Apptimze


Firebase before Reversi

var welcomeMessage = remoteConfig[welcomeMessageConfigKey].stringValue

Firebase with Reversi

var welcomeMessage = "Welcome"
welcomeMessage.addVariation(welcomeMessageConfigKey, for: String.self) { welcomeMessage, newText in
    welcomeMessage = newText

Read more about how to implement Reversi for Firebase


Optimizely before Reversi

// Activate an A/B test
let variation = client?.activate("app_redesign", userId:"12122")
if (variation?.variationKey == "control") {
    // Execute code for "control" variation
} else if (variation?.variationKey == "treatment") {
    // Execute code for "treatment" variation
} else {
    // Execute code for users who don't qualify for the experiment

Optimizely with Reversi

// Activate an A/B test
    .addVariation("app_redesign", for: Void.self, options: ["variable_key": "control"]) { myObject, _ in
    .addVariation("app_redesign", for: Void.self, options: ["variable_key": "treatment"]) { myObject, _ in

Read more about how to implement Reversi for Firebase

How does it work?

Reversi includes variations and will execute only the one included in the running experiments. The key designed the unique identifier to that experiment.

// feed your configuration to the service from local json or remote service
ReversiService.shared.configure(with: configuration)

label.text = "Hello World"
label.font = UIFont.boldSystemFont(ofSize: 15)
label.textColor = .darkGray

// block will be executed only if "text_variation" experiment is up and running
label.addVariation("text_variation", for: String.self) { label, value in
    label.text = value // "Hello Variation World"


There is no limit to the number of variations and their access

    label.addVariation("text_variation", for: String.self) { label, value in
        label.text = variationText
    .addFeatureFlag("font_variation") { label in
        label.font = UIFont.boldSystemFont(ofSize: 14)

// button color
button.addFeatureFlag("button_variation") { button in
    button.backgroundColor = .orange

// combined elements
self.addFeatureFlag("combined_variation") { viewController in
    viewController.label.textColor = .lightGray
    viewController.button.setTitleColor(.lightGray, for: .normal)

Since each experiment directly affects UI elements, variations are only executed on main thread.



Reversi is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'Reversi'


Reversi is also available through Carthage.

github 'popei69/Reversi' ~> 1.0


To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

State of the project

  • Create a configuration file for bundled experiments
  • Ability to support variation in value: Void, Bool, Int, String.
  • Ability to support remote configuration: Apptimize, Firebase, Optimizely.
  • Unit tests for stability.
  • Ability to support amount of users affected per experiment


Benoit Pasquier, [email protected]


This project is still exploratory. I'm happy for anybody to create an issue for suggestions and improvements.


Reversi is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.