RecaptchaInterop 100.0.0

RecaptchaInterop 100.0.0

Maintained by Google, Walter, Icaro Mota.

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  • Google, Inc.

Interop Libraries for Google SDKs on Apple Platforms

This repository is for internal Google use only.

This repository contains interfaces (Objective-C or Swift Protocols) that allow Google SDKs, for Apple platforms, to reliably interoperate with one another via weak dependencies. These interfaces enable Google SDKs to depend on the features of another Google SDK while optionally installing the dependent SDK only if specified by the client.


The major version of this SDK should always be 100. When a new interface is added, the minor version should be incremented. Clients should always enable minor version updates from the required minimum required minor version, 100.x, e.g.:

  • Swift Package Manager: "100.x" ..< "101.0"
  • CocoaPods: '~100.x'

If a breaking change is ever required, it should be done by renaming the library to a new name in this repo.


See Contributing for more information on contributing to the project.


The contents of this repository is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.