ReactiveLocation 4.0.2

ReactiveLocation 4.0.2

LangLanguage SwiftSwift
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Apr 2021
SPMSupports SPM

Maintained by Dominik Ackee, Tomas Kohout, Jan Mísař, Jakub Olejník, Ackee Github.

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ReactiveSwift wrapper to observe location

Our wrapper automatically asks for permission. It determines what kind of permission your app requires by checking the Info.plist of your app.

By using our wrapper you can use a single instance of CLLocationManager and it will automatically start and stop updating location based on the number of observers so your app doesn't drain device battery unnecessarily.

Example usage

For example usage you can check our example that is part of this repository.

For simplest cases you are provided a shared instance:

ReactiveLocation.shared.locationProducer().startWithValues { location in

If you need more different setups for your CLLocationManager you can create additional instances simply by creating new instances of ReactiveLocation and adding your desired setup to the locationManager which is provided to you (but it's up to you to make sure that the instance is alive as long as you need it):

let reactiveLocation = ReactiveLocation()
reactiveLocation.locationManager.distanceFilter = 100 // do your custom setup
reactiveLocation.locationProducer().startWithValues {
// store `reactiveLocation` instance somewhere

Testing support

All features of ReactiveLocation are wrapped into ReactiveLocationService protocol so you should use this protocol as dependency inside your project so you're able to inject any testing implementation you like.


ReactiveLocation is available through Carthage so adding it to your Cartfile works just fine.

github "AckeeCZ/ReactiveLocation"

If you're not familiar with Carthage, we also support Cocoapods.

pod "ReactiveLocation"

Well if you're not familiar with any dependency manager, you're free to integrate it manually. 😎 But keep in mind that we depend on ReactiveSwift.

Forking this repository

If you use ReactiveLocation in your projects drop us a tweet at @ackeecz or leave a star here on Github. We would love to hear about it!

Sharing is caring

This tool and repo has been opensourced within our #sharingiscaring action when we have decided to opensource our internal projects


Ackee team


ReactiveLocation is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.