RHPlaceholder 0.0.6

RHPlaceholder 0.0.6

Maintained by Robert Herdzik.

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RHPlaceholder 💾

Because traditional loading view like UIActivityIndicatorView or similar one are no longer so trendy (Facebook or Instagram apps are moving away from these approaches), I decided to create very simple library which will give you oportunity to have Facebook or Instagram 'view loading state' in your great project without big effort 💥! 🍕

Play with it 😎


You can install library using Cocoapods:

pod 'RHPlaceholder'

or using Carthage:


github "robertherdzik/RHPlaceholder"

to your Cartfile and perform carthage update --platform iOS.


WOW... it is soo easy to use 🙊! Base integration with your storyboard VC will take couple minutes 💥

Base Usage

just create instance const of Placeholder in your ViewController:

private let placeholderMarker = Placeholder() // By default you will have Insta like gradient animation

bear in mind, that you can choose between couple of predefined animations (like e.g. RainbowAnimatorGradient):

private let placeholderMarker = Placeholder(layerAnimator: RainbowAnimatorGradient.self)

... and then just bind up library with your views which needs to be animated:

private func addPlaceholder() {
    let viewElements: [UIView] = [

call addPlaceholder() method in viewDidLoad(). Boom 😲 library has been associated with your views 👏

all what left, is to controll showing 'loading state' animation on your views using startAnimation() and remove()

func fetchUserData() {
    apiManager.fetchUser() { [weak self] user in 
        // .. rest of the method

List of available animatotrs:

(default) InstaLayerAnimatorGradient

BackAndForthLayerAnimatorGradient BackAndForthLayerAnimatorGradient BackAndForthLayerAnimatorGradient


You can add your own Animators, by conforming to the LayerAnimating protocol and passing your new Animator as a param to the Placeholder init.

Swift support

Library ver Swift ver Note
0.0.3 4.1 Very early version, API may change
0.0.5 4.2 Very early version, API may change
0.0.6 5.0 Very early version, API may change

Check the Demo project

Please check out the demo project, you can see there how Library has been implemented in details.

Layout Inspiration

Layout inspiration has been taken from one of the Dribbble projects, unfortunately I cannot find now this project anymore, because of that I cannot annotate creator in here 😦...


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