QuadPaySDK 1.2.0

QuadPaySDK 1.2.0

Maintained by Alex Lane, Roland Nasr, Petros Andreou, Rhys Williams.

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  • Zip Co.

QuadPay iOS SDK

The QuadPay iOS SDK enables you to offer buy-now-pay-later functionality in your iOS app!



Add the following to your Podfile and run pod install

pod 'QuadPaySDK'

Source & Resource Files

s.source_files = 'QuadPaySDK/**/*.{h,m,swift}'

We are limiting the files bringing inside the development pod otherwise we will bring info.plist as well and that will cause the build of the app to fail as you are not allow to have multiple info.plist files inside an app.

s.resources = 'QuadPaySDK/*.xcassets', 'QuadPaySDK/www'

To include the assets inside the development pod under the same directory as the quadpaySDK code and not outside.

Integration documentation

Please find integration documentation at https://docs.us.zip.co/docs/mobile-sdk-ios.

Storing Secrets in SDK

Please review the documentation here to learn more about storing secrets in the SDK.


This repo also contains a demo app at ./Example to show a basic implementation of the QuadPay SDK.