PlutoSDK 0.8.3

PlutoSDK 0.8.3

Maintained by [Meng Li].

PlutoSDK 0.8.3

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Pluto Swift Client SDK

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Swift SDK for Pluto login microservice, which simplify the implementation for signing in with email, Google and Apple.


The Swift SDK for Pluto is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'PlutoSDK'


To auth with Pluto, set up it at first in your AppDelegate class.

Pluto.shared.setup(server: "[server url]", appId: "[app id]")

Sign in, Sign up and Sign out

Implement signing in and signing up with the following methods

  • Pluto.shared.registerByEmaili()
  • Pluto.shared.resendValidationEmail()
  • Pluto.shared.loginWithAccount()
  • Pluto.shared.loginWithGoogle()
  • Pluto.shared.loginWithApple()
  • Pluto.shared.resetPassword()
  • Pluto.shared.logout()

Token Management

After signing in, get token or the header with token with the following methods

  • Pluto.shared.getToken()
  • Pluto.shared.getHeaders()

Get and update user information with

  • Pluto.shared.myInfo()
  • Pluto.shared.updateName()
  • Pluto.shared.uploadAvatar()

Get scopes from jwt token with

  • Pluto.shared.getScopes()

Account Binding

Bind and unbind accounts

  • Pluto.shared.bind()
  • Pluto.shared.unbind()

Get avaliable login types and bindings

  • Pluto.shared.avialiableLoginTypes
  • Pluto.shared.avialiableBindings


Support the following debug method for DEBUG and ADHOC mode:

  • Pluto.shared.simulateInvalidRefreshToken
  • Pluto.shared.simulateInvalidAccessToken
  • Pluto.shared.resetExpire


lm2343635, [email protected]


Pluto Swift Client SDK is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.