PlayKit 3.26.1

PlayKit 3.26.1

LangLanguage SwiftSwift
License AGPL-3.0
ReleasedLast Release Sep 2022
SPMSupports SPM

Maintained by Noam Tamim, Oren Melamed, Nilit Danan, Gilad Nadav, Kaltura Open Source, Sergey Chausov, Kaltura.

PlayKit 3.26.1

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  • Kaltura

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Kaltura Player SDK

Demo: Demo repo.

If you are a Kaltura customer, please contact your Kaltura Customer Success Manager to help facilitate use of this component.


The Kaltura Player SDK is fully native and introduces significant performance improvements. The SDK is intended to be integrated in any iOS application and includes the following features:

  • Online and Offline Playback
  • Live
  • Multi audio tracks
  • Multiple captions
  • Kaltura’s uDRM support (FairPlay, Widevine Classic)
  • VAST Support (IMA)
  • Kaltura analytics
  • Youbora
  • Chromecast and AirPlay support

Usage Guides

Please see our VPaaS Documentation site.

License and Copyright Information

All code in this project is released under the AGPLv3 license unless a different license for a particular library is specified in the applicable library path.

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