Parallaxable 0.0.3

Parallaxable 0.0.3

Maintained by Maxim Kotliar.

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  • Maxim Kotliar

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Beautiful parallax effect for your Table/Collection cells. (Or something else)



pod 'Parallaxable'

to your podfile, and run

pod install


Out of the box, Parallaxable calculates parallax offset for any collection/table cell.

For enable calculation you need to set:

tableView.isParallaxEnabled = true

Also you need to conform protocol Parallaxable with your cell like:

let parallaxOffsetMultiplier: CGFloat = 20

extension TableCell: Parallaxable {
    func updateVerticalParallaxOffset(with offset: CGFloat) {
        var targetCenter =
        targetCenter.x =
        targetCenter.y += offset * parallaxOffsetMultiplier = targetCenter

    func updateHorizontalParallaxOffset(with offset: CGFloat) {
        var targetCenter =
        targetCenter.x += offset * parallaxOffsetMultiplier
        targetCenter.y = = targetCenter

Code above will offset TableCell's imageView from center by offset.

offset is value from -1 to 1 representing position of cell relative to table/collection view's center.