PFWebViewController 1.1.1

PFWebViewController 1.1.1

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Oct 2016

Maintained by Cee Cirno.

A light-weight webview controller using WKWebView. Only supports iOS 9 and above.

Easy use and less memory consuming than RxWebViewController.


You can open the sample project and take a look by changing storyboard's main entry point.



Drag Classes folder to your project.


// Init with a string
PFWebViewController *webVC = [[PFWebViewController alloc] initWithURLString:@""];

// Or with an URL
NSURL *url = ...;
PFWebViewController *webVC = [[PFWebViewController alloc] initWithURL:url];

// Optional: Set Progressbar's Color, default is black
[webVC setProgressBarColor:[UIColor redColor]];

// Present in a single view
[self presentViewController:webVC animated:YES completion:nil];

// Or push in a navigationController
[self.navigationController pushViewController:webVC animated:YES];


This project is released under the terms and conditions of the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.