OMM 0.10.0

OMM 0.10.0

LangLanguage SwiftSwift
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Apr 2019
SPMSupports SPM

Maintained by Ivan Nikitin.

OMM 0.10.0

  • By
  • Ivan Nikitin

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OMM is a one more mapper that helps to map JSON and property list objects to Swift instances.


Firstly, OMM provides only one-way conversion from JSON. For both to and from conversions try something else like SwiftyJSON, ObjectMapper or whatever.

OMM also provides one-way conversion from property list.

OMM does not extend any standard types. It allows to keep clear compact API.

OMM supports Swift error handling.

OMM provides subscript syntax to get values from both objects and arrays.

OMM allows to distinguish absence of value and wrong value.

OMM gives opportunity to reuse mapping using mappable types and custom transforms.

Quick Start


import OMM

let jsonDataNode = makeNode(forJSON: someData)
let propertyListDataNode = makeNode(forPropertyList: anotherData)
let anyObjectNode = makeNode(for: anyObject)


let nodeForArrayElement = node[42]
let nodeForPopertyValue = node["propertyName"]
let nodeForMixedPath = node["property", "anotherProperty", 0]


let intValue = try node.value(Int.self)
let arrayOfStrings = try node.array(String.self)

Error handling

do {
    let intValue: Int = try node.value()
    // intValue contains non-optional integer value
} catch let error as MappingError {
    // There is no value or value is not number
} catch {
    // Actually, never happens


do {
    let intValue = try node.optional?.value(Int.self)
    // intValue contains optional integer value
} catch {
    // Value is not number

let stringValue = try? node.value(String.self)
// stringValue contains optional string value anyway


let urlValue = try node.value(transformedWith: URLTransform())

struct LengthTransform: Transform {
    func apply(to node: Node) throws -> Double {
        let value = try node.value(Double.self)
        if value < 0 {
            throw error(reason: "Length should be non-negative")
        return value
let length = try node.value(transformedWith: LengthTransform())

Mappable types

struct User: Mappable {
    let identifier: Int64
    let name: String

    init(node: Node) throws {
        identifier = try node["user_id"].required.value(transformedWith: Int64Transform)
        name = try node["user_name"].optional?.value(String.self) ?? ""
let user = try node.value(User)


OMM is released under the MIT License.


pod 'OMM'

# to get property list support as well
pod 'OMM/PropertyList'
github "fen-x/OMM"
  1. Use OMM4JSON.framework for JSON only support.
  2. Use OMM4PropertyList.framework for property list support.
  3. Use OMM.framework for both JSON and property list support.

Do not forget to use appropriate module name for import declaration: OMM4JSON, OMM4PropertyList, and OMM, respectively.