Nexum 1.0

Nexum 1.0

Maintained by Varun Santhanam.

Nexum 1.0

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Apple appears to have stopped updating their Reachability code. It isn't marked up with nullability for use with Swift projects, it doesn't use ARC, and is generally inflexible. Nexum is a drop-in replacement for Apple's reachability that is still extremely similar and very simple, but designed for easy, drop-in use and more design flexibility. Not everyone wants to use NSNotification all the time :P


For a quick start guide, see the project website. The website is hosted on GitHub Pages, and is built using Jekyll and jekyll-docs-theme.


Full documentation is available on the project website. Documentation is generated with JazzyDoc, and styled using Jony. The hosted documentation is applicable for the latest version found under 'releases'.

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