MaterialTextField 1.0.1

MaterialTextField 1.0.1

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Jul 2018

Maintained by Stephanie Sharp.

  • By
  • Stephanie Sharp


A Material Design inspired UITextField with animated placeholder label and error message.

MaterialTextField gif


Floating placeholder label
  • Animates on focus or on text input
  • Supports attributed placeholder text with custom fonts
  • Can be turned off to use the text field with the default UITextField placeholder
  • Line height expands when editing
  • Set colours for default, editing and error states
Error message
  • Animated error message appears below the text field
  • Long error messages wrap onto multiple lines
IBDesignable view
  • Adjust the appearance of the text field in Interface Builder with inspectable properties



To install via CocoaPods, add to your podfile:

pod 'MaterialTextField', '~> 0.2'


First, add this to your Cartfile:

github "stephsharp/MaterialTextField"

Then run carthage update.

The recommended way to integrate MaterialTextField.framework is as a workspace dependency:

  1. If you don't yet have a workspace, go to the File menu in Xcode and select Save as Workspace...
  2. At the bottom left of the project navigator, select the + and add Carthage/Checkouts/MaterialTextField/MaterialTextField.xcodeproj.
  3. Add MaterialTextField.framework to your app's "Link Binary with Libraries" build phase.


I found the following libraries to be useful resources:


MaterialTextField is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.