MagicExt-OAuth 2.0.0

MagicExt-OAuth 2.0.0

Maintained by jerry, Romin Halltari.

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  • Jerry Liu


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Set up the local development env

  1. To start the demo app with local development SDK, download following projects
# demo app
$ git clone
# ios SDK
$ git clone
$ git clone
  1. To enable the demo use the local development SDK. Navigate to magic-ios-demo/Podfile and edit the following lines. This will make pod file install local dependencies instead of the ones distributed.
# Distributed Library on Cocoapods
# pod 'MagicSDK', '~> 3.0'
# pod 'MagicExt-OAuth', '~> 1.0'
#   Local development library
pod 'MagicSDK', :path => '../magic-ios/MagicSDK.podspec'
pod 'MagicExt-OAuth', :path => '../magic-ios-ext/MagicExt-OAuth.podspec'
$ cd /YOUR/PATH/TO/magic-ios-demo

# Install dependencies
$ pod install
  1. Open /YOUR/PATH/TO/magic-ios-demo/magic-ios-demo.xcworkspace with XCode and try it out!