MVYSideMenu 1.0.1

MVYSideMenu 1.0.1

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Alvaro Murillo.

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  • Álvaro Murillo

iOS Ribbon Menu based on Google+ iPhone app.

Menu animation



Add the MVYSideMenu folder to your project. MVYSideMenu uses ARC. If you have a project that doesn't use ARC, just add the -fobjc-arc compiler flag to the MVYSideMenu files.


Basic Setup

In your app delegate:

#import "MVYSideMenuController.h"

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions {

  // Create your menu view controller
  MVYMenuViewController *menuVC = [[MVYMenuViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"MVYMenuViewController" bundle:nil];
  // Create your main content view controller
  MVYContentViewController *contentVC = [[MVYContentViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"MVYContentViewController" bundle:nil];

  // Initialize the MVYSideMenuController
  MVYSideMenuController *sideMenuController = [[MVYSideMenuController alloc] initWithMenuViewController:menuVC contentViewController:contentVC options:options];

  // Add to the window
  self.window.rootViewController = sideMenuController;
  [self.window makeKeyAndVisible];

  return YES;

You can also initialize it with your custom options:

MVYSideMenuOptions *options = [[MVYSideMenuOptions alloc] init];
options.menuViewOverlapWidth = 60.0f;
options.bezelWidth = 15.0f;
options.contentViewScale = 0.9f; // 1.0f to disable scale
options.contentViewOpacity = 0.5f; // 0.0f to disable opacity
options.panFromBezel = NO;
options.panFromNavBar = YES;
options.animationDuration = 0.3f;

MVYSideMenuController *sideMenuController = [[MVYSideMenuController alloc] initWithMenuViewController:menuVC contentViewController:contentVC options:options];

Accessing it from a Child View Controller

You only need to import MVYSideMenu in your view controller

#import "MVYSideMenu.h"

MVYSideMenuController *sideMenuController = [self sideMenuController];

Closing and Opening menu

// Close menu animated
[sideMenuController closeMenu];

// Open menu animated
[sideMenuController openMenu];

Changing view controllers

OtherContentViewController *otherContentVC = [[OtherContentViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"OtherContentViewController" bundle:nil];
[sideMenuController changeContentViewController:otherContentVC closeMenu:YES];

OtherMenuViewController *otherMenuVC = [[OtherMenuViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"OtherMenuViewController" bundle:nil];
[sideMenuController changeMenuViewController:otherMenuVC closeMenu:YES];


Requires iOS 5.0 and ARC.


Forks, patches and other feedback are welcome.


Álvaro Murillo @alvaromurillop


MVYSideMenu is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.