LoremIpsum 2.0.0

LoremIpsum 2.0.0

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release May 2020

Maintained by Lukas Kubanek, Jeff Kelley.

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  • Lukas Kubanek

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum is a simple lorem ipsum generator for iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS apps. It supports generating text in different formats (words, sentences, paragraphs), miscelianous data (names, URLs, dates etc.) and placeholder images.

This project was inspired by a great static site generator Middleman. Its lorem ipsum feature was also a data source for this project.

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Lorem Ipsum can be integrated into your Xcode project using CocoaPods by putting following line into your Podfile and running pod install:

pod 'LoremIpsum', '~> 1.0'

Swift Package Manager

Lorem Ipsum can be added as a Swift Package by including it in your Package.swift file.


Alternatively you can copy the files LoremIpsum.h and LoremIpsum.m to your project.


Lorem Ipsum is usable in both Objective-C and Swift.


Wherever you want to use Lorem Ipsum functionality, import the header file.

#import "LoremIpsum.h"


NSString *word = LoremIpsum.word; // => "voluptatem"
NSString *words = [LoremIpsum wordsWithNumber:5]; // => "est dolores voluptatem cumque itaque"
NSString *sentence = LoremIpsum.sentence; // => "Facilis magni autem ut iure cum voluptas excepturi eos."
NSString *sentences = [LoremIpsum sentencesWithNumber:2];
NSString *paragraph = LoremIpsum.paragraph;
NSString *paragraphs = [LoremIpsum paragraphsWithNumber:2];
NSString *title = LoremIpsum.title; // => "Et Quibusdam"

Misc. Data

NSString *firstName = LoremIpsum.firstName; // => "Dora"
NSString *lastName = LoremIpsum.lastName; // => "Glass"
NSString *name = LoremIpsum.name; // => "Tomas Beasley"
NSString *email = LoremIpsum.email; // => "[email protected]"
NSURL *URL = LoremIpsum.URL; // => "http://stumbleupon.com/"
NSString *tweet = LoremIpsum.tweet;
NSDate *date = LoremIpsum.date;


Wherever you want to use Lorem Ipsum functionality, import the module.

import LoremIpsum


let word: String = LoremIpsum.word // => "voluptatem"
let words: String = LoremIpsum.words(withNumber: 5) // => "est dolores voluptatem cumque itaque"
let sentence: String = LoremIpsum.sentence  // => "Facilis magni autem ut iure cum voluptas excepturi eos."
let sentences = LoremIpsum.sentences(withNumber: 2)
let paragraph = LoremIpsum.paragraph
let paragraphs = LoremIpsum.paragraphs(withNumber: 2)
let title = LoremIpsum.title // => "Et Quibusdam"

Misc. Data

let firstName = LoremIpsum.firstName // => "Dora"
let lastName = LoremIpsum.lastName // => "Glass"
let name = LoremIpsum.name // => "Tomas Beasley"
let email = LoremIpsum.email // => "[email protected]"
let url: URL = LoremIpsum.URL // => "http://stumbleupon.com/"
let tweet: String = LoremIpsum.tweet
let date = LoremIpsum.date


Lorem Ipsum supports creating placeholder images by downloading them from following supported services:

Service Value of LIPlaceholderImageService
lorempixel.com LIPlaceholderImageServiceLoremPixel
dummyimage.com LIPlaceholderImageServiceDummyImage
placekitten.com LIPlaceholderImageServicePlaceKitten

Lorem Ipsum offers methods for synchronous and asynchronous downloading of images as well as retrieving the URL for an image without downloading it. All methods work for all four supported platforms. According to the platform, UIImage or NSImage instances are created.

Synchronous Downloading

UIImage *image = [LoremIpsum placeholderImageFromService:LIPlaceholderImageServicePlaceKitten
                                                withSize:CGSizeMake(250, 250)];
NSImage *image = [LoremIpsum placeholderImageWithSize:NSMakeSize(100, 400)];

Asynchronous Downloading

[LoremIpsum asyncPlaceholderImageFromService:LIPlaceholderImageServicePlaceKitten
                                    withSize:CGSizeMake(250, 250)
                                  completion:^(UIImage *image) {
                                      // use image here
[LoremIpsum asyncPlaceholderImageWithSize:NSMakeSize(100, 400)
                               completion:^(NSImage *image) {
                                   // use image here

Image URLs

NSURL *URL = [LoremIpsum URLForPlaceholderImageFromService:LIPlaceholderImageServiceDummyImage
                                                  withSize:CGSizeMake(250, 250)];

Example Projects

This repository contains four example projects for iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS where the usage of Lorem Ipsum is shown.


Lukas Kubanek // lukaskubanek.com // @kubanekl


Usage is provided under the MIT License. See LICENSE.md for the full details.