Logger 0.2.9

Logger 0.2.9

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Apr 2015

Maintained by Victor.

Logger 0.2.9

  • By
  • Victor

This library is created for simple unified logging successful and unsuccessful events.

Using any of these tools is optional, and can be adjusted


1) Add to your proj-Prefix.pch file line:

  #import "Logger.h"

2) Initialize module (ex. in AppDelegate) with:

initWithConsoleReporting: (BOOL)consoleReporting
      writeTimeInConsole: (BOOL)writeTimeInConsole
         debugDictionary: (NSDictionary*)debugDictionary
            flurryApiKey: (NSString*)flurryApiKey
            flurryUserID: (NSString*)flurryUserID
  • If you don't want any logs in console and flurry, use initWithConsoleReporting: NO
  • If you need logging some key/values at each time, use debugDictionary: your_dictionary
  • If you don't need flurry at all, use flurryApiKey: nil
  • If you don't need flurry user identification use flurryUserID: nil

3) For logging event use one of these functions with (optional) debug information in NSString or NSDictionary

                     log: (eventType)type withDebugString: (NSString*)format, ...;
                     log: (eventType)type withDebugDict: (NSDictionary*)debugDict;

                     log: (eventType)type 
               withTitle: (NSString*)title 
                 message: (NSString*)message 
                   alert: (BOOL)isAlert 
             debugString: (NSString*)format, ...;

                     log: (eventType)type 
               withTitle: (NSString*)title 
                 message: (NSString*)message 
                   alert: (BOOL)isAlert 
               debugDict: (NSDictionary*)debugDict;


iOS 4+ with ARC (including support iOS 8.1.1)



Victor, [email protected]


Logger is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.