JHUD 0.3.0

JHUD 0.3.0

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Aug 2016

Maintained by jinxiansen.

JHUD 0.3.0

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  • “jinxiansen”


JHUD is a full screen of the HUD when loading the data (Objective-C) .

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JHUD works on "Xcode 7.3 , iOS 6+ and requires ARC to build. You will need the latest developer tools in order to build JHUD. Old Xcode versions might work, but compatibility will not be explicitly maintained.


  1. Download the latest code version .
  2. Open your project in Xcode,drag the JHUD folder into your project. Make sure to select Copy items when asked if you extracted the code archive outside of your project.
  3. You need it with #import "JHUD.h".


hudView = [[JHUD alloc]initWithFrame:self.view.bounds];

hudView.messageLabel.text = @"hello ,this is a circle animation";

[hudView showAtView:self.view hudType:JHUDLoadingTypeCircle];

[hudView hide];

Class method :

[JHUD showAtView:self.view message:@"Hello, this is a message"];

[JHUD hide];

For more examples, including how to use JHUD , take a look at the bundled demo project. API documentation is provided in the header file (JHUD.h).


If you wish to contact me, email at: [email protected]

Sina : @晋先森
Twitter : @jinxiansen


JHUD is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.