JHDownloadManager 1.0.2

JHDownloadManager 1.0.2

LangLanguage SwiftSwift
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Jul 2016
SPMSupports SPM

Maintained by James Huynh.

Depends on:
FileMD5Hash~> 2.0.0
ReachabilitySwift~> 2.3.3



JHDownloadManager is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "JHDownloadManager", "~> 1.0.2"


  • Ability to download a batch of files.
  • Checksum (MD5, SHA1, SHA512) / File Size is verified once a file has been downloaded. Auto redownload file if Checksum / File Size is mismatched.
  • Auto resume on internet connection recovery.
  • Overall Progress & individual download progress
  • Downloading Rate Computation
  • Remaining Time Computation



JHDownloadManager can perform download on a batch of URL strings or NSURL objects.

  • Only URL and Destination are compulsory in each of the dowloading information. url can be string or NSURL object
  • If fileSize is not supplied, the download manager will trigger a HEAD request to query for content length to fill in fileSize.
  • If checksum is supplied, the download manager will verify againsts the downloaded file’s checksum. If no checksum is supplied, the verification will be only based on the fileSize. Default file hashing algorithm is SHA1. You can change by using
let downloadManager = JHDownloadManager.sharedInstance
downloadManager.fileHashAlgorithm = FileHashAlgorithm.MD5
  • If the final verification on downloaded file is failed, the file will be queued to be downloaded again.
import JHDownloadManager

let downloadManager = JHDownloadManager.sharedInstance
"url": "",
"destination": "test/test10.zip",
"fileSize": 11536384,
"checksum": "5e8bbbb38d137432ce0c8029da83e52e635c7a4f",
"identifier": "Content-1001"
"url": "http://speedtest.dal01.softlayer.com/downloads/test100.zip",
"destination": "test/test100.zip",
"fileSize": 104874307,
"checksum": "592b849861f8d5d9d75bda5d739421d88e264900",
"identifier": "Content-1002"
  • Alternatively, you can add a batch to downloadManager instance first and then call startDownloadingCurrentBatch later


  • You can set initial downloaded bytes - this will help to calculate the overall progress if you have already have some downloaded files from last download
let downloadManager = JHDownloadManager.sharedInstance
  • You can set total bytes for helping to calculate the overall progress. This total byte will override the calculation of the actual total bytes to be received of each download.
let downloadManager = JHDownloadManager.sharedInstance
  • By default, the checksum algorithm to verify the downloaded file is SHA1. You can change this by using
let downloadManager = JHDownloadManager.sharedInstance
downloadManager = FileHashAlgorithm.MD5;
// downloadManager.fileHashAlgorithm = FileHashAlgorithm.SHA512;
// downloadManager.fileHashAlgorithm = FileHashAlgorithm.SHA1; // default


JHDownloadManagerUIDelegate can be used to update progress of the batch download and update finish status of the whole batch

// let downloadManager = JHDownloadManager.sharedInstance
// downloadManager.uiDelegate = self;
// ...
func didReachProgress(progress:Float) {
// this method runs on main thread
// ... update progress bar or progress text here

func didFinishAll() {
// this method runs on main thread
// ... update completed status of the whole batch

func didFinishOnDownloadTaskUI(task:JHDownloadTask) {
// this method runs on main thread
// ... update completed status of a download task

func didReachIndividualProgress(progress:Float, task:JHDownloadTask) {
// this method runs on main thread
// ... update progress of a task


JHDownloadManagerDataDelegate can be used to process file after finish downloading

// let downloadManager = JHDownloadManager.sharedInstance
// downloadManager.dataDelegate = self
// ...
func didFinishDownloadObject(task: JHDownloadTask) {
// this method runs on background thread

func didFinishAllForDataDelegate() {
// this method is run on background thread
// do whatever needs to be done after a batch has been downloaded successfully


In didFinishDownloadObject you will receive an JHDownloadTask instance. Inside this instance, you will be able to retrieve the following attributes

let url:NSURL = task.url
let urlString:String = task.urlString
let destination:String = task.destination // destination is the full path to the downloaded file
let fileName:String = task.fileName
let checksum:String = task.checksum
let identifier:String = task.identifier

Additional Functionality

  • You can add a download task to current batch:
let downloadManager = JHDownloadManager.sharedInstance
downloadManager.addDownloadTask(["url": "http://download.thinkbroadband.com/5MB.zip", "destination": "test/5MB.zip"])
  • You can get out the current list of downloading tasks
let downloadManager = JHDownloadManager.sharedInstance
let currentDownloadTask = downloadManager.downloadingTasks()
  • To get the downloading rate and remaining time:
let downloadRateAndRemaining = JHDownloadManager.sharedInstance.downloadRateAndRemainingTime()
let downloadRate:String = downloadRateAndRemaining[0];
let remainingTime:String = downloadRateAndRemaining[1];
  • To check if the download manager is downloading:
let isDownloading = JHDownloadManager.sharedInstance.isDownloading()

Running Example

git clone [email protected]:jameshuynh/JHDownloadManager.git
  • Double click on JHDownloadManager/Example/JHDownloadManager.xcworkspace
  • Cmd + R to run the example project :-)

Running Example


Contribution, Suggestion and Issues are very much appreciated :). Please also fork and send your pull request!


James Huynh, [email protected]


JHDownloadManager is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.