InAppPurchaseButton 1.0.5

InAppPurchaseButton 1.0.5

LangLanguage SwiftSwift
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release May 2019
SPMSupports SPM

Maintained by Paweł Kania, Michał Myśliwiec.

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  • Paweł Kania



A simple and customisable in-app purchase button, written in Swift.

Swift 5.0 CocoaPods Compatible Carthage Compatible Platform License



The most convenient way to install it is by using Cocoapods with Podfile:

pod 'InAppPurchaseButton'

or using Carthage and add a line to Cartfile:

github "PGSSoft/InAppPurchaseButton"


iOS 8.4


import InAppPurchaseButton
Adding control

Open your storyboard or xib and drag and drop UIButton control. Change custom class to InAppPurchaseButton.

Adding constraints

Add constrains, but bear in mind that InAppPurchaseButton changes intrinsic content size by itself, so adding constrains like height or width will cause unexpected behaviour. If you want to control size of InAppPurchaseButton, take a look at minExpandedSize and prefferedTitleMargins properties.

Available states

InAppPurchaseButton might have following states:

  • regular (active for purchased item or inactive for not purchased item) - use it to display text like Open (active) or Buy (for inactive)




button.buttonState = .regular(animate: true, intermediateState: .active)
  • busy - intermediate state between regular and downloading, usually used when application is waiting for something (e.g. response from the server)



button.buttonState = .busy(animate: true)
  • downloading - showing current progress



button.buttonState = .downloading(progress: 0.25)
Configurable properties:
  • minExpandedSize - minimum size for expanded state
  • prefferedTitleMargins - preferred space between text and edges
  • borderColorForInactiveState - border color for inactive state
  • borderColorForActiveState - border color for active state
  • backgroundColorForInactiveState - fill color of the button in inactive state
  • backgroundColorForActiveState - fill color of the button in active state
  • imageForInactiveState - stretchable background image of the button in inactive state
  • imageForActiveState - stretchable background image of the button in active state
  • widthForBusyView - diameter of the button in case when indicator view is shown
  • cornerRadiusForExpandedBorder - corner radius of the border during transition from .regular to .busy state
  • borderWidthForBusyView - border width for .busy state
  • borderWidthForProgressView - border width for .downloading state
  • ringColorForProgressView - color of the ring for .downloading state
  • attributedTextForProgressView - attributed string for .downloading state
  • indicatorImageForProgressMode - alternatively it is possible to display image for .downloading state
  • transitionAnimationDuration - the speed for all transition animations
  • shouldAlwaysDisplayBorder - indicates whether border for .active or .inactive should be visible all the time or only during transition (false by default)
  • attributedTextForInactiveState - attributed string for .inactive state
  • attributedTextForActiveState attributed string for .active state

For more information, please check InAppPurchaseButton.swift documentation and examples


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


The project is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.


The project maintained by software development agency PGS Software. See our other open-source projects or contact us to develop your product.

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