ImgixSwift 1.1.3

ImgixSwift 1.1.3

LangLanguage SwiftSwift
License BSD-2-Clause
ReleasedLast Release Apr 2021
SPMSupports SPM

Maintained by Paul Straw, Imgix Developers.

  • By
  • Paul Straw and Sherwin Heydarbeygi

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imgix-swift is a client library for generating image URLs with imgix. Written in Swift, but can be used with Objective-C codebases as well.

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// add the following to your Package.swift manifest, within the dependencies array

.package(url: "", from: "1.0.0")

// add the package name "ImgixSwift" to the list of named dependencies in your project target

    name: "YourSwiftProject",
    dependencies: ["ImgixSwift"]),

As of version 1.0.0 imgix Swift client is compatible with Swift 5.0.

The latest version compatible with Swift 4.0 is 0.4.3.

The latest version compatible with Swift 3.0 is 0.3.0.



// Import the framework
import ImgixSwift

// Set up an ImgixClient
let client = ImgixClient.init(host: "")

// Build a basic URL
client.buildUrl("dog.jpg") // =>

// Add some parameters
client.buildUrl("dog.jpg", params: [
  "w": 300,
  "h": 300,
  "fit": "crop"
]) // =>


If your project doesn't contain any other Swift code, make sure to set your target's Build Settings > Build Options > Embedded Content Contains Swift Code to YES.

// Import the framework
#import <ImgixSwift/ImgixSwift.h>

// Set up an ImgixClient
ImgixClient *client = [[ImgixClient alloc] initWithHost:@""];

// Build a basic URL
[client buildUrl:@"dog.jpg"]; // =>

// Add some parameters
[client buildUrl:@"dog.jpg", params:@{
  @"w": @300,
  @"h": @300,
  @"fit": @"crop",
}]; // =>

Advanced Usage

Automatic Signing

If you're using a source that requires signed URLs, imgix-swift can automatically build and sign them for you.

let signedClient = ImgixClient.init(
  host: "",
  secureUrlToken: "EHFQXiZhxP4wA2c4"

signedClient.buildUrl("dog.jpg", params: [
  "bri": 50
]) // =>

Automatic Base64 Encoding

imgix-swift will automatically Base64-encode any parameter key ending in 64, according to the requirements of imgix's Base64 variant parameters.

let client = ImgixClient.init(host: "")

client.buildUrl("dog.jpg", params: [
  "w": 640,
  "txt64": "🐶 Puppy!",
  "txtfont64": "Avenir Next Demi,Bold",
  "txtalign": "center,top",
  "txtpad": 50,
  "txtshad": 10,
  "txtclr": "fff",
  "txtfit": "max",
  "txtsize": 50
]) // =>

URL Reconstruction

You can reconstruct existing URLs by using the ImgixClient#reconstruct method. Existing parameters on the input URL will be merged and/or overridden by passed params.

let client = ImgixClient.init(host: "")
let inputUrl = URL.init(string: "")!

client.reconstruct(originalURL: inputUrl, params: [
  "h": 300,
  "fit": "crop"
]) // =>

What is the ixlib param

For security and diagnostic purposes, we default to signing all requests with the language and version of library used to generate the URL. This can be disabled by setting client.includeLibraryParam = false.