IdentitySdkCore 6.2.0

IdentitySdkCore 6.2.0

Maintained by FrancoisDevemy5, Romain Chapel.

Depends on:
Alamofire~> 5.8
BrightFutures~> 8.2.0
CryptoSwift~> 1.8
DeviceKit~> 5.1

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  • François and Pierre

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ReachFive Identity iOS SDK

Cocoapods pods


Refer to the public documentation to install the SDKs and to initialize your ReachFive client.

Demo application

In addition to the libraries, we provide in the Sandbox directory a simple iOS application which integrates the ReachFive SDKs.

Install Cocoapods.

sudo gem install cocoapods

cd Sandbox
pod install

open Sandbox.xcworkspace

pod update

Configure the Sandbox

Configure your account

On, create an Identifier for an App ID. Choose a bundle ID.
To use the full extent of the Sandbox app features, select the Associated Domains and Sign In with Apple capabilities.

On XCode, connect your account.

In the navigator area, select Sandbox at the root, then in the editor area, in Targets select Sandbox (which should be selected by default) then "Signing & Capabilities".
Fill in your bundle ID. Add the Associated Domains and Sign In with Apple capabilities.
Configure the associated domains as explained below.

Configure the associated domains

In Domains, enter webcredentials:domain.
The domain must be the same as in the SdkConfig, so for example
If you use a private web server, which is unreachable from the public internet, you can also enable the alternate mode feature by appending ?mode=<alternate mode>.
So for example


Connect to your backend

You also need to set the ReachFive client configuration within the SDK as below:

  domain: "my-reachfive-url",
  clientId: "my-reachfive-client-id"

For example:

    domain: "",
    clientId: "zhU43aRKZtzps551nvOM"

By default, the URL scheme follows this pattern: reachfive-${clientId}://callback. You can also specify it manually.

Configure your backend

The client that you just referenced must be a First-party client with Token Endpoint Authentication Method at None.
You must have the scheme registered in Allowed Callback URLs.
You should also enforce PKCE and enable Refresh Tokens.
If you want to use Passkeys, you must have the Webauthn feature activated on your account, and add your domain in Allowed Origins like this:
Note the https:// here that was not present in the SdkConfig.

Run Sandbox on a real device

To run your app on a device and not just the simulator (to use Passkeys for example), you need to enable "Developer Mode".
On iPhone, iPad, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Developer Mode.
On a Mac, run in your terminal:

swcutil developer-mode -e true


You'll find the documentation of the methods exposed on


Please refer to changelog to see the descriptions of each release.


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