IdentitySdkCore 5.7.1

IdentitySdkCore 5.7.1

Maintained by FrancoisDevemy5.

Depends on:
Alamofire~> 5.6.1
BrightFutures~> 8.2.0
CryptoSwift~> 1.5.1

  • By
  • François and Pierre

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ReachFive Identity iOS SDK

Cocoapods pods


Refer to the public documentation to install the SDKs and to initialize your ReachFive client.

Demo application

In addition to the libraries, we provide in the Sandbox directory a simple iOS application which integrates the ReachFive SDKs.

Install Cocoapods.

sudo gem install cocoapods

cd Sandbox
pod install

open Sandbox.xcworkspace

pod update

You also need to set the ReachFive client configuration within the SDK as below:

  domain: "my-reachfive-url",
  clientId: "my-reachfive-client-id",
  scheme: "my-reachfive-url-scheme"

The URL scheme must follow this pattern: reachfive-${clientId}://callback.


You'll find the documentation of the methods exposed on


Please refer to changelog to see the descriptions of each release.


MIT © ReachFive