HSRange 5.4.0

HSRange 5.4.0

Maintained by Hitendra Solanki.

HSRange 5.4.0




HSRangeConvertor Simple and Elegant Range[A,B] to Range[P,Q] mapper in less then three lines of code. E.g. Suppose we have Range[10,90] and Range[20,80], Value 60 of Range[10,90] will be mapped to value 57.5 of Range[20,80].

HSColorRangeConvertor Simple and Elegant Range[A,B] to ColorRange[Color1, Color2] mapper in less then five lines of code.

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Example Project

To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.


Swift XCode Tag/Pod version
4.0 to 5.2 9.0 to 11.4.1 5.2.0
4.0 to 5.0 9.0 to 10.2 5.0.5
5.0 >= 10.2 5.0
4.2 - 4.3 >= 10.0.x to <= 10.1.x 4.2
4.0 - 4.1 >= 9.x 1.1
3.x >= 8.x 1.1

How to use HSRange | HSRangeConvertor?

  1. Create object of HSRangeConverter by passing two object of HSRange
    • Object of first range [A,B]
    • Object of second range [P,Q]
  2. Convert your value from one range to other range.
let firstRange = HSRange(low: 10, high: 80)
let secondRange = HSRange(low: 0.5, high: 0.9)

let rangeConverter = HSRangeConverter(range1: firstRange, range2: secondRange)  
let valueInFirstRange = rangeConverter.toRange2(of: 45) //this will give 0.7
let valueInSecondRange = rangeConverter.toRange1(of: 0.9) //this will give 80

How to use HSColorRange | HSColorRangeConvertor?

Check the demo project. Its has identical steps as above example, just second range is a range of two colors instead of two double values.


HSRange is available through CocoaPods. To install it follow below steps.

  1. simply add the following line to your Podfile:
pod 'HSRange'
  1. Open terminal, change your current directory to project directory using cd.
  2. Install pod.
pod install
Possible Error:

[!] Unable to find a specification for 'HSRange'

pod setup

Major Release

pod version 5.2.0 support swift 4 and swift 5 both as well as XCode 9 all version, XCode 10 all version, and XCode 11 all version upto 11.4.1.


Hitendra Solanki, [email protected] | twitter: @hitendrahckr


HSRange is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.