GoogleUtilities 7.5.0

GoogleUtilities 7.5.0

License Apache-2.0
ReleasedLast Release Jul 2021

Maintained by Google.

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  • Google, Inc.

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GoogleUtilities provides a set of utilities for Firebase and other Google SDKs for Apple platform development.

The utilities are not directly supported for non-Google library usage.

Integration Testing

These instructions apply to minor and patch version updates. Major versions need a customized adaptation.

After the CI is green:

  • Update the version in the podspec
  • Add the CocoaPods tag
    • git tag CocoaPods-{version}
    • git push origin CocoaPods-{version}
  • Push the podspec to SpecsStaging
    • pod repo push staging GoogleUtilities.podspec
  • Run Firebase CI by waiting until next nightly or adding a PR that touches Gemfile
  • On google3, copybara and run a global TAP
    • third_party/firebase/ios/Releases/ --directory GoogleUtilities


  • Add a version tag for Swift PM
    • git tag {version}
    • git push origin {version}
  • pod trunk push GoogleUtilities.podspec
  • Clean up SpecsStaging


To develop in this repository, ensure that you have at least the following software:

For the pod that you want to develop:

pod gen GoogleUtilities.podspec --local-sources=./ --auto-open --platforms=ios

Note: If the CocoaPods cache is out of date, you may need to run pod repo update before the pod gen command.

Note: Set the --platforms option to macos or tvos to develop/test for those platforms. Since 10.2, Xcode does not properly handle multi-platform CocoaPods workspaces.

Development for Catalyst

  • pod gen GoogleUtilities.podspec --local-sources=./ --auto-open --platforms=ios
  • Check the Mac box in the App-iOS Build Settings
  • Sign the App in the Settings Signing & Capabilities tab
  • Click Pods in the Project Manager
  • Add Signing to the iOS host app and unit test targets
  • Select the Unit-unit scheme
  • Run it to build and test

Alternatively disable signing in each target:

  • Go to Build Settings tab
  • Click +
  • Select Add User-Defined Setting
  • Add CODE_SIGNING_REQUIRED setting with a value of NO

Code Formatting

To ensure that the code is formatted consistently, run the script ./scripts/ before creating a PR.

GitHub Actions will verify that any code changes are done in a style compliant way. Install clang-format and mint:

brew install [email protected]
brew install mint

Running Unit Tests

Select a scheme and press Command-u to build a component and run its unit tests.


See Contributing.


The contents of this repository is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.