GoogleMobileAdsMediationTeads 4.8.8

GoogleMobileAdsMediationTeads 4.8.8

Maintained by Grosjean Jeremy, CI, Vincent Saluzzo, Thibaud Saint-Etienne, Paul Nicolas.

Depends on:
TeadsSDK= 4.8.8
Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK>= 8.0

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Teads - iOS AdMob Mediation Adapter

Mediation adapter to be used in conjunction with AdMob to deliver Teads ads on iOS devices.

If you want to display Teads ads in your iOS application through AdMob mediation, you’re at the right place.


  • Platform: iOS 9+
  • Xcode: 11.0+
  • GoogleMobileAdsSDK: 7.59.0+
  • Teads SDK: 4.8.4+


  • Displaying Teads banners


Before installing Teads adapter, you need to implement Google Mobile Ads in your application.


If your project is managing dependencies through CocoaPods, you just need to add this pod in your Podfile.

It will install Teads adapter and Teads SDK.

  1. Add pod named GoogleMobileAdsMediationTeads in your Podfile:
platform :ios, '9.0'
pod 'GoogleMobileAdsMediationTeads'
  1. Run pod install --repo-update to install the adapter in your project.
  2. Follow the Define Custom Event step to finish the integration.
  3. You’re done.


  1. Integrate latest version of Teads SDK to your project using this Quick Start Guide.
  2. Download latest release of TeadsAdMobAdapter.
  3. Drop adapter files in your iOS project.
  4. Follow the Define Custom Event step to finish the integration.
  5. You’re done.

Integration Documentation

Integration instructions are available on Teads SDK Documentation.