License Apache 2
ReleasedLast Release Jul 2020

Maintained by AdMob.

Depends on:
TapjoySDK= 12.6.1
Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK>= 7.61.0

  • By
  • Google Inc.

Tapjoy Mediation Adapter for Google Mobile Ads SDK for iOS


  • Xcode 6.0 or higher
  • iOS Deployment target of 7.0 or higher
  • Minimum required Google Mobile Ads SDK 7.10.1
  • Minimum required Tapjoy SDK 11.9.1


Using CocoaPods

  • Add the following line to your project's Podfile:
    pod 'GoogleMobileAdsMediationTapjoy'.
  • Run pod install.


  • Add the Google Mobile Ads SDK. See the
    quick start guide
    for detailed instructions on how to integrate the Google Mobile Ads SDK.

  • Add or drag the adapter .framework into your Xcode project.

  • Drag the Tapjoy framework into your Xcode project. You can find the
    Tapjoy SDK here.

  • Enable the Ad network in the Ad Network Mediation UI.

  • TapjoyAdapter framework has a GADMTapjoyExtras class to provide
    debugEnabled parameter. The debugEnabled is used to enable Tapjoy logging
    for debugging purposes only. It should not be turned on for production

  • If you want to pass a value for debugEnabledto the adapter, you can do
    this through the GADMTapjoyExtras object. Here is
    an example of how to enable logging:

    GADRequest *adRequest = [GADRequest request];
    GADMTapjoyExtras *tjExtras = [[GADMTapjoyExtras alloc] init];
    tjExtras.debugEnabled = YES;
    [adRequest registerAdNetworkExtras:tjExtras];

Unity Integration

For publishers who are using Unity IDE to develop games/apps for iOS platform
must follow the steps below.

  • Export an Xcode project from Unity IDE.
  • Add or drag the TapjoyAdapter.framework into your Xcode project.
  • Add the Tapjoy SDK into your Xcode project. You can find the Tapjoy SDK setup
    guide here.
  • Import libz.tbd library in the Build Phases of your Xcode project.


  • Different Placements must be used to load multiple ad units simultaneously.
    For example: when creating multiple instances of GADInterstitial,
    each instance will need to use a different adUnitID on init. If the same
    adUnitID is used, only one instance will be able to load/show, the second
    instance will do nothing.
  • The Tapjoy SDK does not pass specific reward values for rewarded
    video ads, the adapter defaults to a reward of type "" with value 0. Please
    override the reward value in the AdMob console.
    For more information on setting reward values for AdMob ad units, see the
    Rewarded Interstitial section of this article
    Help Center Article.

The latest documentation and code samples for the Google Mobile Ads SDK are
available here.