Gooey 3.2.0

Gooey 3.2.0

Maintained by James Power, Ryan Wachowski, Sylvester Watts, Matt Morris.

Gooey 3.2.0

License: MIT Swift Package Manager Carthage Cocoapods


Gooey is a utility library which provides useful extensions to UIKit. The functionality includes helper methods for working with programmatic AutoLayout constraints, reusable views, and more, with the majority of the focus on adding type safety and leveraging Swift's features into making UIKit more pleasant to work with.



Cocoapods: pod 'Gooey', '~> 3.0'. See Gooey.podspec for more information.

Carthage: github "DuetHealth/Gooey" ~> 3.0 && carthage update

Swift Package Manager: .package(url: "", from: "3.0.2")

Running tests

Run the command pod install to install the project's test dependencies and generate the workspace. Open Gooey.xcworkspace, select the framework target, and press ⌘ + U to execute the test action of the target.


Gooey is MIT-licensed. The MIT license is included in the root of the repository.