GitHawkRoutes 0.1.1

GitHawkRoutes 0.1.1

Maintained by Ryan Nystrom.

  • By
  • Ryan Nystrom


Strongly-typed deep-links into GitHawk.


Just add GitHawkRoutes to your Podfile and pod install. Done!

pod 'GitHawkRoutes'


Create one of the available routes:

import GitHawkRoutes

let repo = RepoRoute(
  owner: "GitHawkApp",
  repo: "GitHawk",
  branch: "master"

Then simply use our UIApplication extension to have your app open GitHawk: repo)

Really, that's it!

Beware using the master branch of this repo as the App Store version of GitHawk may be behind. In that case, the route will just open GitHawk.