Gimbal 2.91

Gimbal 2.91

License Custom
ReleasedLast Release Apr 2022

Maintained by Gimbal Accounts, Kim Sparrow, Andrew Tran.

Gimbal 2.91


iOS SDK for the Gimbal proximity awareness platform.

Using a unique combination of geofencing, Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and analytics, our end-to-end platform gives you a powerful and effective way to engage with your mobile app users. Delivering personalized mobile content based on a user’s context can drive engagement, boost loyalty and increase sales. And Gimbal provides the most complete and accurate first-party location data for contextual engagement.

With powerful controls for customers to safeguard their privacy and easy-to-use APIs for developers, the Gimbal platform bridges the gap between the physical and the digital worlds, creating new possibilities for brands, venues, retailers, advertisers and developers.


pod 'Gimbal'


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