Fyber_CCPAStringBuilder 1.0.0

Fyber_CCPAStringBuilder 1.0.0

Maintained by Nikita Fedorenko, avi gelkop, Elena Krakhmalova, Tomer Moinian.


The Open Source CCPA String Builder, which is compliant with IAB 1.0 final doc: https://iabtechlab.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/U.S.-Privacy-String-v1.0-IAB-Tech-Lab.pdf

Currently supports only Swift language (5.0).

The CCPAStringBuilder consists of the Source/CCPAStringBuilder.swift class. The usage example:

let privacyString = CCPAStringBuilder()
    .set(explicitOptOut: true)
    .set(optOutSale: true)
    .set(limitedServiceProviderAgreement: true)

such usage will result in: 1YYY us_privacy string. Each param could be set to true or false, which will result in Y or N, accordingly. The unset param will generate the - char. The first char is always 1, which is the IAB version specification.