FloatingButton 1.3.0

FloatingButton 1.3.0

Maintained by Exyte.


Easily customizable floating button menu created with SwiftUI

We are a development agency building phenomenal apps.

SPM Compatible Cocoapods Compatible Carthage Compatible License: MIT


  1. Create main button view and a number of submenu buttons — both should be cast to AnyView type.

  2. Pass both to FloatingButton constructor:

    FloatingButton(mainButtonView: mainButton, buttons: buttons)
  3. You may also pass a binding which will determine if the menu is currently open. You may use this to close the menu on any submenu button tap for example.

FloatingButton(mainButtonView: mainButton, buttons: buttons, isOpen: $isOpen)
  1. Chain .straight() or .circle() to specify desired menu type.
  2. Chain whatever you like afterwards. For example:
    FloatingButton(mainButtonView: mainButton, buttons: textButtons)
        .initialOffset(x: -1000)
    FloatingButton(mainButtonView: mainButton2, buttons: buttonsImage.dropLast())
        .startAngle(3/2 * .pi)
        .endAngle(2 * .pi)

Universal options

spacing - space between submenu buttons
initialScaling - size multiplyer for submenu buttons when the menu is closed
initialOffset - offset for submenu buttons when the menu is closed
initialOpacity - opacity for submenu buttons when the menu is closed
animation - custom SwiftUI animation like Animation.easeInOut() or Animation.spring()
delays - delay for each submenu button's animation start - you can pass array of delays - one for each element - or you can pass delayDelta - then this same delay will be used for each element wholeMenuSize - pass CGSize binding to get updates of menu's size. Menu's size includes main button frame and all of elements' frames menuButtonsSize - pass CGSize binding to get updates of combined menu elements' size

Straight menu only options

direction - position of submenu buttons relative to main menu button
alignment - alignment of submenu buttons relative to main menu button

Circle only options

radius - distance between center of main button and centers of submenu buttons


To try out the FloatingButton examples:

  1. Clone the repo git clone [email protected]:exyte/FloatingButton.git.
  2. Open <FloatingButtonRepo>/Example.
  3. Run Example.xcodeproj - framework is imported as a local SPM package.
  4. Try it!


Swift Package Manager

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/exyte/FloatingButton.git")


pod 'FloatingButton'


github "Exyte/FloatingButton"


  • iOS 14.0+ / macOS 11.0+ / tvOS 14.0+ / watchOS 7.0+
  • Xcode 12+

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