Fileable 1.1

Fileable 1.1

Maintained by Shota Shimazu.

  • By
  • Shota Shimazu


Build Status Carthage compatible Version iOS 10+ Linux supported Swift 4

Fileable is file utilities for Swift. It enables to mange files or directories efficiently and easily.



You can install this library via Cocoapods just putting text described below to Podfile.

pod 'Fileable'


You can use this library with Carthage by simply putting this text to Cartfile.

github "shotastage/Fileable"

⌘ APIs

Function or Computed property
static var pwd: String Get current directory path.
static var home: String Get home directory path.
var ls: [String]? Get contents of specific directory.
var isFile: Bool Check the file exists or not.
var isDir: Bool Check the directory exists or not.
var ext: String Get file extension.
static func cd(path: String) throws Change directory like a cd command.
static func mkdir(path: String) throws Make directory.
func rm(target: String) throws Remove directory or file.
func mv(to toPath: String) throws Move file or directory.
func touch(at: String) throws Create empty file.


Fileable is licensed under the MIT. You can use this library free of charge. Please include copyright notie in your program. See LICENSE for detail.