FTGShorthand 1.0

FTGShorthand 1.0

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Khoa Pham.

Allows your category methods to be in shorthand form, like MagicalCord MR_SHORTHAND

How I do it

Learn code from Magical Record short hand, and make it easier to use

How to use it

For example, I have a category on NSString


@interface NSString (FTGAdditions)

- (void)ftg_doSomething1;
- (void)ftg_doSomething2;



Declare your shorthand methods here to make the compiler happy

@interface NSString (FTGShorthandAdditions)

- (void)doSomething1;
- (void)doSomething2;



Configure FTGShorthand in load method

@implementation NSString (FTGAdditions)

- (void)ftg_doSomething1
    NSLog(@"doSomething1 on %@", self);

- (void)ftg_doSomething2
    NSLog(@"doSomething2 on %@", self);

#pragma mark - FTGShorthand
+ (void)load
    [FTGShorthand setPrefix:@"ftg_"];
    [FTGShorthand supportShorthandMethodsForClass:self];



  • You should configure the prefix once. Be careful that it must have a trailing underscore. This needs to be done in one of your categories
  • Call supportShorthandMethodsForClass in each of your category


FTGShorthand is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE